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Saturday, May 19, 2012


We were in the marsh minding our own business when much to our surprise a slow-moving A-10 Thunderbolt / Warthog (Night-Heronhog?) appeared with its long, wide wings.


The feared Heron-Hog gave a left-wing tilt and headed our way. He was coming in low and closing the distance fast.

The intensity in his eyes said it all. We had been spotted and were now 'locked on' by his sophisticated weapon's system. Would this killing machine deploy his highly toxic whitewash cluster bomb?

He continued getting lower and lower then dropped from view. We peeked over the marsh grass and breathed a sigh of reilef. He was walking along the edge of the water looking for something to eat. He was not concerned with us. It was our lucky day.

He stood motionless for several minutes then suddenly ...

with lightning speed his head shot into the water. What did he catch? Night-Herons love to eat crawfish just like we do!

What happened to the pinch me, peel me and eat me? The Night-Herons miss out on all the conversation, the music and the fun of a crawfish boil. Instead, its down the hatch it goes without even peeling it! How does this picture affect your throat and your stomach?

An Adult Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron spotted the action and decided to see what was going on.

Take a bow if you can correctly ID the three birds in the upper left hand corner and the one in the bottom right hand corner.

It didn't take this experienced adult Yellow-Crowned Night Heron long to land and connect.


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