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Saturday, May 19, 2012


These two Crested Caracaras were sitting side by side in a snag amidst some Pine Trees and Bamboo on the west side of Fabacher Road in Calcasieu Parish.

These birds were quite a distance away accounting for the lack of a quality pic. .)

The closest Caracara was hilarious! What is going on with him /her? His/her head is nearly upside down over its back. I'm not certain as to the meaning of this behavior but if it has anything to do with breeding these two are apparently paired up and well on their way. Perhaps the other is a truly handsome guy and she is swooning over his good looks? :)

This little guy is asking for trouble!  If you were a Fox Squirrel would you  ascend a utility pole amongst a primarily pasture-laden area with no large trees and hang out in an area amongst the Hawks?

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