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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Our neighbor graciously asked my grandson Grant and me to accompany him and his father to hunt ducks on the opening day of duck season. It was an adventure for Grant as he had never experienced anything quite like this. He enjoyed watching the ducks, watching the dog work, and riding in the Gator Tail Boat / Motor as it sprayed water high into the air behind us getting us safely through the shallow water marsh to the blind and back all while building memories from this outing. He is a crack shot with his BB gun and will hopefully one day acquire a .410 to give duck hunting a go. We were rewarded with eight Gray Ducks and a Mottled Duck for the morning hunt.

I almost got run over while taking this picture of our neighbor (driving), his father and our grandson Grant. A great time was had by all.



Not too many years back the presence of a Crested Caracara caused quite a stir amongst the birders in Louisiana. Their numbers have increased and these magnificent Raptors are indeed quite a pleasure to see when you happen to come upon one.

Two cooperative Crested Caracara were sitting in the grass alongside Pintail Loop. One of them poked his head up from the grass. He was scavenging something on the ground and did not immediately fly.


He launched from the ground carrying what appears to be a leg of some animal as you can see some furry hair still attached.

He became airborne with his tail feathers spread yielding excellent views of his plumage as he circled to the left.

Still clinging on to his snack he made a wide circle then landed atop a nearby snag.

This is one good-looking Raptor and they always seem so meticulous about their looks as every hair seems to be in place on their black crest atop their head.

A BAD HAIR DAY! The Crested Caracara glanced downwind causing his hair to fluff up giving his crest an almost chicken-like appearance. :)

Even the alligator basking in the sun smiled at the Crested Caracara with the funny-looking crest.

Friday, November 8, 2013


What are your thoughts of the Brown Creeper's protective coloration / camouflage? How well does he blend in with his surroundings?

This was the my first ever Brown Creeper and its behavior was fascinating. He flew to the base of a tree and spiraled upward searching the bark crevices with his thin, curved bill for food such as insects and spiders. Once he reached one of the lower limbs he would fly to the base of another tree close by and repeat the process. His spiky stiff tail assisted him in climbing and foraging for food similar to that of a Woodpecker.

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A closer look.