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Saturday, May 19, 2012


I used to overlook these guys in favor of the more glamorous birds but once you discover different species of Sparrows it is remarkable how nice looking these little guys / gals are.

This sporty-looking adult White-crowned Sparrow is nothing short of impressive.

The Song Sparrow is always a pleasure to see..

Another special thanks to Paul Conover for pointing out these LeConte's Sparrows. He really has a knack for finding birds. The LeConte's Sparrows have a tendency to stay hidden in the grass and are not the easiest sparrows to photograph.

Finally, one came out to play! .

Don't you love the way they straddle the limbs? :)

The tail-wagging American Pipit does an excellent job catching worms. I've always wondered what good it is for the worm to get up early.

And eating them too. :)

Thanks for looking, :)
All pictures taken in SW Louisiana

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