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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Flyweight Division

After weigh in, it is time for Round One of the 'Mini Flyweight Divison' for rights to the sugar water feeder. They forgot their little boxing gloves. :)

The Guardian of the feeder goes face to face against an oncomer. They charged each other creating a blurred whirling vortex of green as they spiraled to the ground. After reaching the ground the loser beat a hasty retreat as the winner gave chase then returned to feeder.

This feeder is mine, so S-C-R-A-M !!

As these little guys whirr by you with their needle-like beak only inches from your head it really gets your attention. :)

Like Michael Jackson used to say, "BEAT IT !!"

I see you, so just wait your turn.

No Vacancy!

A little too much sugar water?