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Friday, April 29, 2011

Peveto, 4/28/2011

Below are some of the birds seen on Thursday, April 28, 2011 in SW Louisiana.

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This female Baltimore Oriole discovered a mulberry tree and hung out taking advantage of the multitude of scrumptious berries.

Yellow-Rumped Warblers take on a different look as they transition into their breeding plumage.

What do you think of the colorful, little Magnolia Warblers as they bounce around in the trees?

How did the Magnolia Warbler get its name? I read that Alexander Wilson collected the first specimen in 1810. He collected it in a Magnolia Tree, thus the name Magnolia Warbler.

The male American Restart is a colorful bird to watch as it flutters from tree limb to tree limb gathering insects seemingly never resting.

It is almost impossible to get a picture of the American Redstart due to its incessant movement in the tree tops. Its tail feathers are flared a lot of the time as it flutters about.

This elusive, secretive Mourning Warbler was a delight to witness at Peveto Sanctuary. Observant Melvin Weber spotted it slipping through the dense vegetation near a water structure as we sat on a bench hoping it would show. Fortunately there was a small opening in the thick vegetation offering up a shot as he bounced through. Left-click for a better look.

Sharp-eyed Paul Conover spotted this rare, Review List Lesser Nighthawk shading itself while resting on a limb in a Live Oak Tree at Peveto. Great find Paul and thanks for sharing for all to enjoy!

Was this picture taken in a floral shop? It might seem like it, but this gorgeous Passion flower was growing on a vine right in the middle of Peveto Sanctuary. There were other Passon flowers growing on the same vine as well. This flower must be hardy surviving in the middle of a dry, coastal woodlot like Peveto. It looks good and smells good too!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Hunting Bird?

Our daughter Katie was cutting her six year-old son’s hair on their back porch late one afternoon. Our grandson, Grant said, “Look Mom, a Hunting Bird!” Katie remarked, “What in the world are you talking about son?” as she continued with his hair. Only minutes later Grant exclaimed, “Look Mom, there’s another one!” Our daughter smiled and asked, “Okay Grant just what in the world is a Hunting Bird?”

Grant stated, “You know Mom, the little birds that Paw-Paw likes. They stick a straw in the flower and suck out the juice.”

Our daughter turned around, saw a hummingbird at their feeder, laughed and said, “You mean a Hummingbird, Grant.” He remarked, “No Mom, a Hunting Bird. Paw-Paw knows.”

Through the eyes of a child.

Since the south winds seem to be pushing the trans-gulf migrants over our heads to the north of us at least these amazing little creatures are around to see and to photograph.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peveto pics 4/16/2011

A juvenlie Black-Crowned Night Heron appeared to be in a hypnotic trance perched on a limb overlooking the edge of the water as the sun slowly eased above the horizon at Sabine Refuge.

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At Peveto Sanctuary Robby Bacon and I scoured the woodlot searching for birds. The cute, little Hooded Warblers were abundant. 

What do Hooded Warblers eat? This Hooded Warbler spotted a damselfly perched on a limb and snatched it up with blazing speed before it flew. He appeared to be showing off his catch to us as we looked on.

This was my favorite picture of the day. The little Hooded Warbler shook the damselfly vigorously, flipped it up, grabbed it by the head with his beak and down the hatch it went. I was sorry that I missed the next picture.

It was a treat seeing this Canada Warbler as it hopped from limb to limb in the lower canopy.

The Blue-Winged Warbler with its yellow head and thin black eye line is one of my favorite warblers. We saw many more birds but they weren't always in a place to capture a picture

This Red-Tailed Hawk was perched on a snag off of Hwy 82 close to Peveto about a week earlier. It is incredible how these hawks have such different looks.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Horned Owlets

Have you ever seen a Great Horned Owlet? This little ball of fluff was low in the nest peering out with its intense yellow eyes. It reminds me more of a stuffed animal as opposed to the fierce bird of prey it is.

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How do you get any cuter than this?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

David Blaine's Street Magic

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Is this the Great White Egret's answer to David Blaine with his 'Street Magic' levitation illusion? This Egret appears as if he is mysteriously floating in air defying all laws of gravity as his mate looks on in awe.

Great White Egrets display their delicate ornamental cloak of long white feathers extending over their backs during breeding season to attract mates. Courtship displays include erecting their spectacular lacy breeding plumes, raising their wings or arching their necks.

Is this cute or what? Situated in trees  and surrounded by water provides a safe place to raise their little family.

This is not a Flamingo as some people think when they first see this large wading bird's bright pink coloration. This Roseate Spoonbill is 'gracefully?' coming in for a landing with its wings spread, feet extended and neck outstreteched.