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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Robby Bacon and I were fortunate to see TWENTY CRESTED CARACARAS today, Friday, January 4, 2013. Yes, we were in SW Louisiana and not west Texas!

We were more than happy to see two Crested Caracaras sitting side-by-side prior to this on a separate road a few miles away. Then our socks got blown when SIXTEEN Crested Caracara were flying in the air at once with two sitting in a tree nearby.

It all started out when Robby spotted a few Caracara youngsters chasing each other in the air close to some trees.


Then four Caracaras were in the air voicing their displeasure of a Red-Tailed Hawk perched in a tree nearby. The RT Hawk didn't hang around for long.

Crested Caracaras to the left of us. Crested Caracaras to the right of us. Caracaras to the front of us. It was almost as if we were  in the midst of the Charge of the Caracara Brigade. They were everywhere!

This madness ended with thirteen Caracaras settling to the ground on a farm road leading to a field. Two are lying in the grass next to the two standing in the back. The others were sitting elsewhere in the field and in a tree.

We sat in the truck watching these guys as they flew in, flew off and squabbled with each other from time to time. They were not phased by our presence in the truck and remained as we drove away. We wondered if we would have noticed these guys on the ground had we not first noticed them flying about.

I would love to know the dynamics of this group. The third from the left is an adult with the grouip in front howeve I'm not certain of the ones in back.

A bit closer but still too far away for a good image.

The adult male Cinnamon Teal still remains at Pintail Loop.


White-Faced Ibises are full of vibrant colors when the light hits just right.

This Vermillion Flycatcher was on Arceneaux Road.

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