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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Don't you just love hearing the 'bob-WHITE' or 'bob-bob-WHITE' call of the Northern Bobwhite aka Quail? Their penetrating calls travel far and wide.

If you are fortunate enough to see a Northern Bobwhite this is usually the typical view with its outstretched neck scurrying across the road and into the grass on the other side.


This male Northern Bobwhite was sitting on a fence gate 'Bob-Whiting away. The males have a white throat and eyestripe with a black border.

Notice the separation of this Northern Bobwhite's beak and puffed out throat. She was 'clucking' for her mate. After a few calls he flew up and sat down right beside her. Do you blame him? This girl is a good-looking 'chick' with her detailed, intricate, well-camouflaged plumage! She must have spent some time in front of the mirror making sure every feather was in place.

The female Northern Bobwhites (below) have a buff throat and eyestripe without the black border.

Did you know at night during the fall / winter they roost on the ground in a circle with their tails inward and heads pointing out?

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