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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cameron - May 9, 2012

A trip to Peveto Woods was in order this morning. A freindly couple visiting from Canada pulled up looking for some migrating birds. Not long after, Gary Broussard and Jay Huner also rolled in. It was fun day visiting with fellow birdes and looking for the birds..

A Black-Bellied Plover wearing his tuxedo was pilfering through the seaweed looking for a meal on the beach between Holly Beach and Peveto.

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The early bird (Bay-Breasted Warbler) gets the worm (or in this case a caterpillar?)!

The elegant Ms. Bay-Breasted Warbler was hoping to come across a caterpillar as well.

The Maggies (Magnolia Warblers) were out in numbers bouncing around the woodlot.

A Yellow Warbler was inspecting the limbs / leaves as he foraged for food.

An inquisitive Ovenbird hung around and posed for his picture. Do you see what looks like an eyelash over his right eye?

I'm sure there is an explanation for this but heck if I know what is it. Could it be the "IN" harido among Ovenbirds? Perhaps the 'Spike Look'?

Cute little electric blue / green Damselflies were about the woodlot. Watch out for the spider's web below little Damselfly! If you become entangled in the web it will mean immediate death.

Another Damselfly radiated his electric orange color as he clung to a weed hunting for food. Mosquitos BEWARE!!.

"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly. The spider's silky, gluey almost invisible thread ensnares the unsuspecting Damselfly. The Damselfly was not the only hunter about this morning.

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