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Saturday, May 19, 2012


It was a two picture day today and a strange one at that.

There was a Sparrow sitting on a fence line. For whatever reason it didn't fly allowing me to get closer and closer. When I got closer1 I saw why it didn't fly. Its flying days were finished. It was dead, pinned to the barb of a barbed wire fence and hanging down. I suppose a Loggerhead Shrike had gotten hold of this guy but it was no where in sight. I wondered why the LOSH wasn't around.


As I proceeded down the road a large Turkey Vulture turned his head to see what was up.  Only two pics fir the day and they both dealt with the 'D' word. The day finished much better than it started as we attended Church, and ate Sunday dinner with our parents, kids and grandkids. The afternoon was spent mixing cement and pouring a sidewalk. They day ended having fun supervising my grandson shooting his BB gun. He is a remarkable shot for a first grader.

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