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Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Birding Day at Peveto

Robby Bacon and I were walking through Peveto today when this Audubon's Warbler appeared. It was a delight to see a 'first' and it is surely a stunnig warbler to behold.

Robby Bacon had a great find this morning discovering a Western Tanager in the morning at Sabine Refuge. On the way home from Peveto Sanctuary, Tim ?, an excellent birder from Massachusetts who was birding with us today at Peveto, and I stopped and looked for it. Lo and behold Tim spotted it on a branch partially blocked by another. Ten hours later and the Western Tanager was still there.

Right before the Audubon's Warbler was sighted a MacGillvary's Warbler appeared in the grass along the trail. The crescents above and below its eye were the giveaway. It was difficult to photograph due to it staying in the grass.

It was nice to meet John Dillon at Peveto today. He had just seen a Lesser Nighthawk. We went back looking for it and it flew to another tree. As we approached that tree it flew away to another tree. John left to look for warblers. It was super skittish and flew away again never to be seen.

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