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Friday, April 23, 2010

Shiny Cowbird, Two Ferries in Cameron + Variety

A small, secretive Sora with its slaty gray body was sneaking down the bank line at Cameron Pairie this AM (left click on all pics to enlarge).

Mother Nature's magnificent flying machine with its black moustache mark on its face was sizing up the bird traffic atop a utility pole.

Melvin Weber's iridescent Shiny Cowbird was still hanging around the same place. This was my first time to ever see this rare bird in Louisiana. Nice find Melvin and thanks for sharing.

Another picture of the Shiny Cowbird.

A Rail was alongside the road heading down Davis Road to the Jetty area.

I was riding the Cameron Ferry across the ship channel when I noticed a second ferry in operation. This Laughing Gull was hitching a ride across the Ship Channel as well on the back of a Pelican.

The colorful Painted Bunting was sighted deep in the Giant Ragweed stalks left over from last year. This brightly colored bird is my favorite for sure.

An inquisitive Bay Breasted Warbler was perusing the Live Oak Trees in Peveto.

The cute little Tennessee Warblers were out in numbers at Peveto.

A White-Crowned Sparrow was looking to freshen up at Dave's Pond.

A Waterthrush showed up at Dave's Pond the same time as the White Crowned Sparrow.

At first I thought this was a Baltimore Oriole due to its fiery orange plumage but its markings were off. After further review, it was determined to be a gorgeous Orange Variant Scarlet Tanager. I never knew this bird existed until today and it was a certainly a treat.

The last bird of the day and first of the year for me were two Dickcissels situated in a tree at Sabine Refuge.

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