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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lesser Nighthawk + A variety of Warblers and Others

My Son-in-Law and I made a short run to Peveto this afternoon. There were very few birds in the woodlot due to the strong south wind. While at Dave's Pond, my Son-in-Law looked up in the large tree behind the pond and spotted this Lesser Nighthawk sitting motionless on a horizontal limb.

He was most excited finding a Review List Bird.

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We found this Common Nighthawk approximately a week ago hanging around in the daylight hours. You can see the similarities and differences between the two species.

A closer look.

The white wing bars of the Common Nighthawk are not close to the tip of its wing as seen.

The nervous, active Wilson's Phalarope was in perpetual motion at Pintail Loop. This shorebird was by far the most active of them all never sitting still.

We passed by the Jetties and saw a shrimp boat pushing south down the ship channel with its butterfly nets down. Much to our amazement, there were two gulls unlike the others, completely white, traililng behind the boat. We believed these gulls to be Glaucous Gulls sporting their totally white plumage.

A Great-Crested Flycatcher posed for his picture in front of Dave's Pond at Peveto Sanctuary drawing some "Ooh's" from the onlookers.

It appeared as if the sun rose in the woodlot when this Blackburnian Warbler hopped though the woodlot. This fiery, colorful warbler is always a pleasure to see.

A Mourning Warbler with its slate gray head, olive-green back and yellow belly made its debut at Peveto Sanctuary. This was quite a warbler and a crowd pleaser to all who observed it.

A Golden-Winged Warbler thrilled all who were fortunate ones to see him.

This Yellow Warbler flew in to the woodlot from the Gulf, stopped and rested on a limb before continuing his journey.

A Nashville Warbler jumped on a limb at Dave's Pond. He was sizing up the situation for a drink and bath.

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