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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mother Nature's Musicians

This colorful, immature Orchard Oriole was singing its melodious song from the edge of a branch in a tree hoping to attract a female. (left click to enlarge)

A love duet did not ensue but he successfully charmed this beautiful female Orchard Oriole as she flew up nearby looking and listening. (left click to enlarge)

This Common Yellowthroat was sitting in a small bush in perfect view and light. His black face mask stretching from the sides of his neck across his eyes and forehead with a whitish border in stunning contrast with his yellow breast was a sight to behold. (left click to enlarge)

He was quite enchanting as he tilted his head back, opened his beak and broke out in song from an elevated branch high in the vegetation. The Black-Masked Warbler sang his heart out in the still, morning air repeating it time after time. Through his song he revealed his location and identity in hopes of attracting that special someone. (left click to enlarge)

His persistence paid off. It wasn't long when out of the light, across the road an attractive female Yellowthroat came calling. (left click to enlarge)

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  1. Tom, these are just lovely!!!! I really enjoy the commentary as well.