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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black Billed Cuckoo + warblers

This bright red Summer Tanager is an impressive bug-catching machine. (Left-click to enlarge all pictures)

I got to Peveto at 8:00 AM and was greeted by this Worm Eating Warbler bouncing around low in the bushes hanging on a vine.

This Ovenbird spent most of his time scratching around on the leafy ground until he was kind enough to hop up on a limb. At first I thought he was a Thrush but he was a bit small and the orangish crown on the top of his head indicated an Ovenbird.

As a result of this glamorous pose do you feel this is a Red-Eyed Vireo? :)

The Kentucky Warbler didn't want to come out and play. He spent most of his time low in the dense thickets and grass. He finally presented himself momentarily on a dead giant ragweed stalk.

The Hooded Warblers were well represented today at Peveto. These small, colorful warblers spent most of their time flitting about the woodlot hiding amongst the dense vegetation.

The Wood Thrushes were plentiful as well today at Peveto. They were kind enough to land on low-lying logs for their photos.

This colorful Yellow Warbler was my first to witness this year. He is a handsome guy with his golden yellow plumage and rusty red streaks on his breast.

The striking Prothonotary Warbler with his brilliant orange-yellow head and chest surely brightened up the woodlot with his debut.

Baltimore Orioles and mulberries go together like soup and sandwich.

As we were getting ready to leave for the day, I noticed a slender long tailed bird sitting motionless on a limb in the tree. It was a secretive Cuckoo but this one was different from the ones I have seen. Its bill was black. It was my lucky day coming upon a Black-Billed Cuckoo. What a great way to end the day!

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