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Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is up on Fabacher Road?

Something was up traveling down Fabacher Road. Three grotesque Black Vultures were crowded on the same utility pole. I slowed down in my truck thinking, "This is April, not October. It is not Halloween and this looks spooky!" The Black Vultures appeared 'Gargoylish' in nature perched atop the same utility pole. (Left click to enlarge)

A bit further down the road, more of the carrion-eating scavengers were perched in a tree. I wasn't sure what to expect but if bloodsucking Count Dracula popped in the middle of the deserted road with his flowing black cape and wide stand up collar, I was out of here! (Left click to enlarge)

After slowing down even more a different looking Vulture jumped from the ground and took to the air. It was a Crested Caracara! He flew across the field, over the trees and out of sight. Some more Black Vultures took off from the ground ahead. They stayed in the area and began circling in the air. (Left click to enlarge)

All of the Black Vultures had flown away except two. It was now apparent they were dining on the decaying flesh of the dead cow next to the fence alongside the road. (Left click to enlarge)

The coast was clear ... no Dracula and no serial killer on the loose! :)

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