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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Protective Mrs. Willet

The sight of an energetic, newborn baby Willet checking out his surroundings exploring the water's edge was a refreshing sight this morning.

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All was well until a Plover came too close to the little one for Mrs. Willet who was watching her babies close by. She lowered her head, opened her beak and squawked loudly with a piercing call while charging the Plover. The Plover got her message loud and clear and didn't hang around.

While at Peveto, a bee landed atop a Gillardia (blanket flower). A Schinia Volupia Moth, that Dave alluded to in an earlier post, happened to be atop the Gaillardia with the bee and blended into its environment incredibly well.

Jeff Harris spotted this Bay-Breasted Female at Peveto skulking in the shadows of a tree. I've seen Bay-Breasted male warblers but this is the first female that I've seen.

A Rail popped out of the grass long enough to capture his picture before scurrying back to cover. After a couple of steps into the grass its vanishing act is complete.

A Nighthawk flew with its erratic flight path and frequent changes of direction overhead. This mosquito-catching machine's wingbars were not close to the end of its wings indicating a Common Nighthawk.

An Olive-Sided Flycatcher was perched atop a tree at Peveto. The way it plucks flying insects in mid-air is most impressive.

A dark Pewee was hanging around Peveto this weekend that we feel is a Western Wood Pewee. Jeff found him Sunday and got a good look at him with his scope. He was quite elusive as Jeff and I chased him around for quite a while in order to get a good look at him and a few pictures.

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