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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cameron - May 11, 2010

The baby Loggerhead Shrikes felt secure and were inseparable as they sat side-by-side on a limb. Their mother (or father?) was close by keeping careful watch over the two. With the concern over the declining numbers of Shrikes, these two are a welcome addition as long as they leave the Yellow-Green Vireos alone. :)

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The Black-Bellied Plovers were a class act today as they perused the beach showing off in their black and white tuxedos.

The American Avocets with their long legs and long, thin upcurved bills looked grand today in their striking, colorful breeding plumage. Their buffy orange colored head and neck is a stunning change from their typical black and white plumage.

The stocky, brightly patterned Ruddy Turnstones with their bright orange legs were out in numbers today on the coast. They constantly probed, pecked and flipped over shells and stones on the beach looking for something to eat.

An uncommon Gray-Cheeked Thrush momentarily hopped from the underbrush into the open for his picture. This Thrush species was a first for my Son-in-Law and me.

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