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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Painted Bunting

My most favorite bird in North America, the colorful Painted Bunting with its bright red, blue, yellow and green plumage landed on the end of a small limb in a tree. The green leaves of the tree provided a stunning background for its rich, vibrant colors. After one click of the shutter it flew away. That was okay as the image was captured. I will be able to remember this moment forever and to share it with others.

Did you know that a group of Painted Buntings is collectively known as a palette or a mural? How appropriate is that for such a vibrant, multi-colored bird?

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I haven't seen one, yet, but I'm looking forward to the day. If I'm lucky enough to get a decent shot, that will be icing on the cake. I'd love to add one to my Birds set on Flickr!