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Thursday, March 25, 2010

YC Night Heron, White-Eyed Vireo, Black and White Warbler, Hooded Warbler

Robby Bacon discovered a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron sitting in a tree at Peveto with his eyes closed, sleeping. There was no waking the YCNH as he was too tired and too exhausted from his journey north to move. (left click to enlarge)

This White-eyed Vireo is one scary looking bird with his white eye. He looks possessed and in need of an Exorcism. (left click to enlarge)

This Black and White Warbler was in perpetual motion hopping about the tree trunk and limbs. He spent almost as much time upside down as right side up. (left click to enlarge)

The Hooded Warbler was a pleasure to see with its brillaint yellow plumage and black hood.


  1. Tom - that black & white warbler is one perfect shot!!!! :-)


  2. Hi Amy,

    That is a hilarious bird to watch as it bounces around the woodlot. I'm so glad you liked it. :)


  3. Tom, I've updated my photos recently too - http://blog.friendscript.com/. I'd love your critique.

  4. PS I also just received in the mail a camo blind! Can hardly wait to see if it lets me get any closer to the birds....