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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A few small birds ...

My Son-in-Law and I were watching sparrows. Unbeknownst to us were being watched as well. The masked bandit with his hooked bill was keeping a sharp eye out for available sparrows. (Left click for larger image)

If you want a picture of a Swamp Sparrow go to the swamp. This Swamp Sparrow finally jumped on the edge of the brush opening himself up for a picture. (Left click for larger image.)

I thought the American Goldfinch had left the building but lo and behold there were a few hanging around and this one happened to be somewhat cooperative. (Left click for larger image.)

The Chipping Sparrows were out and about today. One of them held still enough to get a few pictures. (Left click for larger image.)

Here he is again turned around. (Left click for larger image.)

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  1. These are fantastic pictures - some of the best ones yet. The Chipping Sparrows and Shrike are wonderful poses, light, and composition!