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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Louisiana Brown Pelicans

Don't you just love the way Pelicans flap their wings and glide effortlessly only inches above the surface of the water?

How does this airbus of birds with its large body and long outstretched wings glide for such long distances?

I read that when a Pelican flies low over the water the air becomes compressed between its wings/body and the surface of the water. It is this compressed air that generates the extra lift which enables it to glide long distances above the water.

This Brown Pelican is scoping out a potential meal in the water below. Their dives into the water from up above to catch prey are quite impressive to see. (Left-Click to Enlarge)

Another in-flight picture of our magnificent State Bird. (Left-Click to Enlarge)

Have you seen the different looking Brown Pelicans with a red pouch in Louisiana? These Pelicans are either individual variants or possibly infiltrators from the Pacific Coast subspecies. (Left Click to Enlarge)

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