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Saturday, April 9, 2011

David Blaine's Street Magic

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Is this the Great White Egret's answer to David Blaine with his 'Street Magic' levitation illusion? This Egret appears as if he is mysteriously floating in air defying all laws of gravity as his mate looks on in awe.

Great White Egrets display their delicate ornamental cloak of long white feathers extending over their backs during breeding season to attract mates. Courtship displays include erecting their spectacular lacy breeding plumes, raising their wings or arching their necks.

Is this cute or what? Situated in trees  and surrounded by water provides a safe place to raise their little family.

This is not a Flamingo as some people think when they first see this large wading bird's bright pink coloration. This Roseate Spoonbill is 'gracefully?' coming in for a landing with its wings spread, feet extended and neck outstreteched.

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