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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Corpus Christi, TX

The majestic Black Swan glided gracefully on the pond close to where we stayed. It was fascinating watching him pluck the grass and add it to the nest that he constructed for his soul mate who was sitting atop two freshly laid large turquoise colored eggs. He was serene and peaceful unless you got too close to his 'better half' sitting on the nest. I bet they will make great parents for their cygnets once hatched.

Did you notice the 'half heart shape' formed by the Black Swan's head and neck? How special would it be to see both of them striking the same pose facing each other completing the heart? :)


  1. C.J. and I have seen two swans swimming toward each other--they did indeed complete the heart!

  2. Ditto what swashford said... and to comment on your male swan protectiveness note - I was once bitten by a black swan for that very reason. (I was young and stupid, LOL, with only a disposable camera.)