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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After you assemble the pieces it looks like this. The front door pivots down and swings open for cleaning purposes.

I used screws with waterproof glue to assemble the next box instead of nails as illustrated on the plan. I countersunk the screw holes and glued in cedar plugs to hide the screws on the sides and top of the nest box. The only screws that show are the two screws used as a pivot for the front door and the screw to hold the front door shut.

I kerfed the inside of the front door to help the baby Bluebirds grip the inside of the door to climb up to the opening.

Although this Bluebird House is temporarily hanging on a white picket fence for photo purposes, it will be mounted on a metal fence post (found at Lowes) and placed in our yard. Hopefully a pair of Bluebirds will find the nestbox and raise a family in the spring. I read that Bluebirds begin looking for nesting sites as early as January so now is the time.

The Peterson Bluebird House Plans are free and can be found at

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  1. very cool!! How does the kerfing help them climb? Is what's left after you kerf like little rails?