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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The Holly Beach Ferruginous Hawk that Paul and Mac discovered on December 7, 2012 was alive and well on December 10, 2013. It was perched atop a utility pole close to the Apache building on Highway 82 a bit west of Holly Beach. It was calm and collected as it checked out its surroundings for a meal. After a while it flew from the utility pole and flew north over a marshy area. Approximately a half-mile out it began hovering, dropped to the ground, and was never seen again. It was a pleasure seeing this magnificent Raptor so I bid him adieu and left for home.

I'm not certain how many Ferruginous Hawks have been documented in Louisiana. I have been fortunate as this is my second to see. Interestingly enough the first one I saw a few years back was a mere ten miles west from this location.

What you looking at?


Looking around for a snack.

Keeping an eye on the photographer.

Still keeping an eye on the photographer.

It is cool how his legs have feathers to his toes.

A closer look.

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