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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A white Little Blue Heron + 10

Here are a few pictures taken of our fine-feathered friends when I was out and about yesterday. Hope you enjoy them.


A Blue-headed Vireo aka Solitary Vireo,

Little Blue Heron

Another Little Blue Heron (juvenile)

White-faced Ibis

A Snowy Egret fussing while giving me a tongue lashing. What do you think of that tongue?

A deer ran through the marsh and walked up the bank with the water still dripping from him. He paused for a second, looked my way then trotted across the road and disappeared in the marsh on the other side.

A Pied-billed Grebe snagged a fish and wasted no time downing it.

How does that make your throat feel? :)

Northern Shoveler aka 'Spoonbill'

A lone White-fronted Goose aka 'Specklebelly' flew over apparently looking to find the rest of his buddies.

Seven Blue-winged Teal blasted by. You have to look close to find all seven of these speedy guys.

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