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Monday, December 26, 2011

Closing pictures for 2011

The Lionel Derouen Road area not far from Cameron-Prairie NWR is a great place for Sandhill Cranes. Their red foreheads and white cheeks were prominent as they foraged through the fields in incredible numbers. You couldn't miss hearing their loud, rattling call that carries far and wide.

Water sprayed in the air as the puddle ducks slapped the water with their wings launching themselves in the air at Pintail Loop.

A slender, agile Merlin was perched on a limb watching for a meal.

A striking Vermilion Flycatcher with his vivid red color and contrasting black eyestripe was perched on a limb watching for 'fly-bys' when he gave us a backward glance. This little 'Coal of Fire' is nothing less than spectacular to see and is certainly one of my all-time favorite birds.

A male American Kestrel was perched on the Cameron Prairie NWR sign at Pintail Loop clutching a freshly caught Savannah Sparrow in his talons. He grew nervous and after a minute and flew off with his catch to dine in privacy.

A Ross's Goose posed for a picture.

A majestic Brown Pelican, our state bird, is always a pleasure to see.

The Sandhill Cranes with their outstretched necks and long legs trailing behind them flew off as the day came to an end. It was if they were saying, "Goodbye 2011" and see you next year.

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