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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eastern Wood - Pewee or Western Wood - Pewee?

I came upon this Pewee at the same place on two different occasions at Peveto about an hour apart in 2011. This one differs drastically from the countless Eastern Wood-Pewees I've seen over the years. Check out the pictures below. Do you feel this Flycatcher is an Eastern Wood-Pewee or a Western Wood- Pewee?

Some extremely knowledgeable birders from LA that I trust emailed me. The word is that without hearing a vocalizaton it is impossible to ID this bird with 100% confidence.

Regardless of the ID, it was fun seeing this Flycatcher and hoping it would be a Western Wood - Pewee. Perhaps next time the Pewee will vocalize casting no doubt as to its ID.

Left-Click to Enlarge Pictures

Close-ups of the above two images. Left-Click to enlarge.

This Eastern Wood - Pewee was at a different location on a different day. What do you think of this one with his crest raised? Was he trying to impress a 'lady Pewee' close by?

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