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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Say's Phoebe

I made a run to Pintail Loop at Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge Saturday before the LSU / Georgia game for my third and fortunately final attempt to locate the Say's Phoebe. It was discovered on November 18, 2011 by Paul Suchanek.

I immediately spotted it sitting atop a tall clump of grass overlooking the dry marsh grass not far from the east end of the boardwalk It was exciting to finally see this rare vistior to Louisiana!

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After a short while in the marsh grass area he flew west and landed on the boardwalk.

Assuming its elevated position, he periodically peered over the edge of the boardwalk looking for something to eat.

He quickly launched from the boardwalk in typical flycatcher fashion once he spotted prey below.

If he didn't manage to catch his prey in mid-air, he would either fly back to the boardwalk or land on the ground hoping to locate his quary.

It was a great day seeing this Review List bird and getting back home in time to watch LSU turn up the heat in the second half to beat Georgia and to continue their impressive, undefeated season. Go TIGERS!

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