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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Hunting Bird?

Our daughter Katie was cutting her six year-old son’s hair on their back porch late one afternoon. Our grandson, Grant said, “Look Mom, a Hunting Bird!” Katie remarked, “What in the world are you talking about son?” as she continued with his hair. Only minutes later Grant exclaimed, “Look Mom, there’s another one!” Our daughter smiled and asked, “Okay Grant just what in the world is a Hunting Bird?”

Grant stated, “You know Mom, the little birds that Paw-Paw likes. They stick a straw in the flower and suck out the juice.”

Our daughter turned around, saw a hummingbird at their feeder, laughed and said, “You mean a Hummingbird, Grant.” He remarked, “No Mom, a Hunting Bird. Paw-Paw knows.”

Through the eyes of a child.

Since the south winds seem to be pushing the trans-gulf migrants over our heads to the north of us at least these amazing little creatures are around to see and to photograph.

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