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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White-Eyed Vireo

My first exposure with this bird was at Peveto Sanctuary (pictured). This small, secretive migratory songbird's eerie look with his luminescent white iris appears almost paranormal. Be sure to carry your gris-gris bag to ward off any evil spirits.

For a small bird don't you just love this guy's enthusiasm as he belts out his energetic, raucous song? (Is it Ella or is it Memorex?) As a result this guy is usually heard before he is seen.

What do you think of the White-Eyed Vireo's bill? Its slightly hooked bill reminds me of a Shrike. The White-Eyed Vireo is next to Shrikes in my field guide so perhaps they are somehow related.

Did you know that fledgling White-Eyed Vireos lack the white iris? I read the white iris usually develops by February of the next spring.

The White-Eyed Vireo is a visually interesting bird with its assortment of colors. This coupled with its vociferous song provides for an intriguing bird.

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