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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Common Moorhen

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These two Common Moorhen seemed inseparable. It was hilarious as both were standing on one leg, side-by-side on the only available piece of real estate in the shallow marsh. "Are these two having visions of becoming Flamingos?", I thought.

I was curious as to why they were sticking close together and what they were looking at. The answer was apparent when a couple of juveniles emerged from the reeds making their way down the bank. I suppose dealing with issues of adolescence can be trying even for adult Common Moorhens.

Their short yellow-tipped red bill coupled with their red facial shield provides a remarkable contrast against their slate gray body. Their bill color makes it easy to distnguish them from the ivory-billed American Coot.

Here comes the adventuresome teenager. The juvenile Common Moorhen was heading their way exploring his new world as his parents kept a watchful eye.

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