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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great Horned Owl Behavior

Hats off to sharp-eyed Matt Pontiff for discovering this Great Horned Owl during the Christmas CBC. He also discovered the Great Kiskadees as well on the same trip.

How are your observation skills? Try your hand at the questions below. The answers are listed underneath the picture. Try not to peek before you answer them. :)

1. Why are the Great Horned Owl's ears leaning to one side in the picture and not standing up straight as usual?

2. Where the eyes of the Great Horned Owl trained.? What is going on?

(Left-Click to Enlarge Image)

1. A strong wind is blowing in the cold weather pushing his/her ears sideways.

2. The Great Horned Owl's eyes are trained on a chick in the nest. It appears that the Great Horned Owl parent has enveloped the youngster with his/her wings in order to keep the chick shielded from the wind and the cold. How is that for parenting skills?

How did you do?

It has been a while since this photograph. I traveled back to the site this past Friday afternoon to see how the parent/chick were faring. There was no sight of the parent or chick so I suppose it has fledged and is doing well.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this picture as much as I did taking it.

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