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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Rare Black-Whiskered Vireo

My friend Cody Conway phoned me Wednesday. He felt it might be a good day to go birding just across the border at Sabine Woods, Texas due to the successive days of the north winds. I was able to go and he happened to be spot on. It was the best day birding this spring for me. Cody managed to chalk up twenty-five Warbler species by 11:00 AM. No telling what number he could have reached had we stayed longer.

Aside from the multitude of warblers and other birds present in the woodlot, the highlight of the day was watching a Black-Whiskered Vireo skulking through the trees. I've had the good fortune of seeing and photographing one BWVI in my lifetime making this moment all the more special. It was difficult tracking the Vireo through the trees with all the leaves and limbs in the way trying to secure a good picture. The image below is not the best image but an experienced birder would have no trouble ID'ing this bird.

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The Black-Whiskered Vireo hopped from the protection of the canopy to an open limb and posed for his picture. Wouldn't you know it, a limb was obscuring part of him from view yet his tell-tale black whiskers were clearly visible. :)

Finally, finally, finally the moment arrived. The Black-Whiskered Vireo popped in the open offering a much appreciated opportunity for his picture. It was a pleasure to cross paths with this bird once again and come away with a few pictures to remember him by.

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