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Friday, April 13, 2012

Cameron - April 12, 2012

This Glaucous Gull was 'hanging out' with the birds on the shell pile in front of the East Jetty Observation Tower today. It was surprising to see how large this gull was in comparison to other gulls nearby. More than likely It is probably the one same one someone spotted a while back.

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Where's Waldo? Do you see the Long-Tailed Duck amongst the vast array of shorebirds collected on the shell pile? This picture shows only a portion of the shell pile in front of the East Jetty Observation Tower.

The Long-Tailed Duck has been hanging out in front of the East Jetty Observation Tower for at least a couple of weeks. Will it still be hanging around or will it be playing hide and seek? The daunting task of locating the Long-Tailed Duck among the rest of the birds was now at hand. It is sort of similar to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

After glassing the vast array of birds on the shell pile time after time after time for the LT Duck, it appeared to have moved on or was in such a position as to not be clearly seen for an ID. Finally, finally, finally, one of the ducks at rest happened to turn his head slightly to the side revealing its white mask. At last, the long awaited Long-Tailed Duck revealed itself! It's funny how a slight turn of the head makes all the difference in the world for ID purposes. The needle in the haystack was located today.

Mother Nature's Finest Flying Maching, the Peregrine Falcon, will literally tear your head off (note picture). The headless Sora in the talons of the Peregrine certainly never stood a chance. The Peregrine Falcon was working the area between Holly Beach and the Cameron Ferry.

Some of the American Avocets flew by the Observation Tower in their stunning breeding plumage. What gorgeous birds they are!

I left the jetties and headed to Peveto. Although I saw no warblers it was delightful to meet some friendly and interesting birders from Mississippi and New Orleans.

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