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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Swainson's Hawk Smorgasbord 1 + 3

My six-year old grandson, Grant, and I set out one afternoon looking for birds. My little buddy and I had fun and came across some interesting birds. His favorite bird of the day, as well as mine, was this majestic Swainson's Hawk sitting on a perch keeping a sharp eye out for his next meal in the Fabacher Road area. Guess what picture Grant will be sharing with his classmates at school for 'Show and Tell Time'? Grant's next two favorite birds of the day we saw were the Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers and the Roseate Spoonbills.

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JOHNSON BAYOU:  Interestingly enough, a few weeks prior to the picture above, Robby Bacon and I were along the coast one morning. This stately Swainson's Hawk was perched atop a utility pole a bit east of Johnson Bayou north of Highway 82.

It took to the air displaying its long tail and pointed wings (compared to other buteos).

The surprise of the day was two more sitting in the same tree a couple of hundred yards away from the first making a total of three Swainson's Hawks in the same place. I've been fortunate to see one Swainson's Hawk here and there but never three at the same time.

Mike Musumeche and Jay Huner observed an adult Swainson's Hawk and two juvenile Swainson's Hawks only a mile or two from this area a few days later which explains the relationship of these three Hawks. What is the probability these juvenile SWHAs were hatched in Louisiana? This uncommon Raptor in Louisiana is being seen more often in our state..

Side Note: If you pass through Hackberry and stop at Brown's Grocery check out their meat market in the back right-hand corner. Indulge yourself with their bacon-wrapped pork loin stuffed with cream cheese and Jalapeno Peppers. Cook it on the BBQ pit, take it up, slice it into 3/4 inch pieces and serve. Your taste buds will thank you.

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