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Monday, August 22, 2011

Juvenile Swainson's Hawk

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My wife and I recently headed down Fabacher Road in Calcasieu Parish to see what was up. "Look!", my wife exclaimed as she pointed to a Juvenile Swainson's Hawk sitting in a tree. He was keeping a sharp eye out for prey in the field below. As we approached he turned his head and kept an eye on us as we admired this uncommon Raptor and took a few pictures. Once we left, he turned his head and continued watching over the open field looking for his next meal before the day ended.

What can be said about the presence of this juvenile Swainson's Hawk in Calcasieu Parish? Does this provide evidence that a pair of Swainson's Hawks successfully bred in Louisiana? How far do juvenile Swainson's Hawks range from the territory where they were hatched? Do they stick close to their birth area or did this juvenile fly in from another state?

Perhaps all that can be said is, "A Juvenile Swainson's Hawk was present on Fabacher Road in Louisiana", but there is certainly a possibiliy that he is a Louisiana product. What do you think?

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  1. There was at least one breeding pair of swainsons hawks in Jefferson county aka Beaumont Texas area this summer that successfully fledged young. So it is not at all far fetched that your juvenile may have been Louisiana bred (in my opinion).