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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Peveto Beach Surf Scoter

The Peveto Beach Surf Scoter reported on labird was not breeding in Canada or Alaska and was still present this morning. It was loafing around in the surf inside the barrier rocks almost even with the eastern boundary of the Santuary. It didn't seem disturbed at all by my presence.

Its multi-colored orange, yellow and white bill with a black circular spot was remarkable and a sight to see. I'm not certain why it doesn't have the white patch on its forehead and on the nape of his neck typical of male Surf Scoters but there must be an explanation. Regardless, it was a pleasure to see such a sea duck and obtain a picture for our fine group of labirders to see.

The dark area at the top of the picture is the barrier rocks just off the beach.

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  1. The reason he doesn't have the white patches on the forehead and nape is because he's just a second year male. You can see the beginnings of the patch in this photo, and slight white "speckling" in the forehead if you look closely. I saw him and his buddy there on Sunday, so I maybe the other one left or went for a swim? Great photo, as always!
    -Walker Wilson

  2. Hi Walker,

    It's nice to have knowledgeable people as yourself enlighten others regarding the absence of the white patch.