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Friday, May 13, 2011


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My wife and I drove to Grand Chenier after work Thursday afternoon to see the Flamingo. It was a pleasure visiting with Mrs. Bonsall. She was just as excited as we were about their Flamingo and eager to show us their Flamingo and to tell us its story.

We were awestruck when we spotted this long-legged, long-necked slender bird decorated in its brilliant pink plumage contrasted against the dark green marsh grass. It was weird observing this tall, pink, misfit bird that should be in Africa or South America and not in the wild feeding in the marshes of SW Louisiana

We watched the Flamingo as it fed with its head in the water going back and forth across a small pond in the back of the marsh.

At times it would spread it wings as if it was going to fly.

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  1. A long time ago i watched a roseate spoonbill fly over the I-10 bridge. I called it a flamingo to my mother. She asked a Cameron resident, Mr.McCall about it. He said that Cameron parish has always had a few flamingos but they are not pink because they don't get the proper food.
    This bird is really pink! Nice!
    Sandy Lewis