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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ferruginous Finally

Ninety percent chance of rain today. Who in their right mind would venture out birding in such weather conditions? How much longer will the Ferruginous Hawk that James Beck found be around? Why not? I placed my camera into my truck and headed south. I suppose this qualifies for a full-fledged 'bird nerd'. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

The Red-Tailed Hawks were out and about but that is not what was on the agenda.

I went to the Rec Center in Johnson Bayou and looked high and low for any sign of the Ferruginous Hawk. Lo and behold it flew from the ground up onto a distant pole. It landed too far away for a picture.

I decided to go to Peveto and return in hopes that it would be closer upon my return.

Another car at Peveto? What other crazy person would be at Peveto on such a day? Who else but Robby Bacon! He was easing through the woods glassing for birds. The bird movement was lackluster and we decided to try for the Hawk,

Much to our delight the Ferruginous Hawk was still there. What an AWESOME RAPTOR!! It was closer the second time and we were able to get some decent pictures.

Great find JAMES BECK and thanks for sharing this information for all to see!!!

On our way back home sharp-eyed Robby spotted a Franklin's Gull.

We stopped at the Blue Goose Trail on our way back home. We were shocked to see a Great Horned Owl in the trees overlooking the marsh. That was strange.

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