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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sage Thrasher

ROBBY BACON had an AMAZING FIND today at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge on the Blue Goose Trail ... a SAGE THRASHER !!!.

After work I grabbed my camera and my wife and took off. Robby was spot on as usual. It didn't take long to locate the Sage Thrasher hopping along the trail catching grasshoppers, bugs, etc. We were enchanted with this rare bird and watched it until sunset. It should still be there this weekend for all to view.

WAY TO GO, ROBBY. WHAT AN OUTSTANDING FIND !!!! (click to enlarge)

At times the Sage Thrasher enjoyed playing in the sand piles close to the parking lot. (Click to Enlarge)

What was the Sage Thrasher doing? He was strolling along the path keeping a sharp lookout for insect, bugs, etc. When he spotted one, he would dart in the grass, catch it and down the hatch it would go. It was a pleasure seeing and watching such a rare bird in Louisiana thanks to Robby. (Left Click to Enlarge)

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