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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grandson's First Bird Pictures

Our Grandson Andrew, who is in middle school, and I went on an adventure today finding birds and taking their pictures. His first subject was a Cormorant perched on a limb with his wings spread drying out.

A secretive Clapper Rail walked from the grass right in front of us offering a great photo opportunity.

An immature White Ibis happened to be sitting atop a gate and posed long enough for Andrew to focus and capture his picture.

THE FISHERMAN. This Clapper Rail was perched at the end of a culvert as the water ran through waiting to snatch up a shrimp or small fish that passed by.

Andrew was delighted with the birds he experienced and the pictures that he managed to get. Most important of all, we had fun.


  1. great pix. Thanks for posting them. Not all are lucky enough to have a granpaw to teach them to take them.

  2. Fantastic Tom, looks like you are doing a great job as an instructor.