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Sunday, January 11, 2015


It is a pleasure to share this picture of the rare-to-Louisiana Dark Morph Ferruginous Hawk taken on 1/7/15 which has been documented only twice ever in our state.

After hours of searching for this extremely rare Hawk it was delightful to spot it sitting motionless in a tree surrounded by limbs near Cameron Prairie Headquarters. I approached carefully with my camera outside his comfort range in order not to frighten him where he might fly away. He was scanning the fields for prey but periodically turned his head keeping me in check all the while. I managed to collect a few pictures of this magnificent Raptor and exited quietly. As I departed he turned his head one last time to see what was up. I thanked Mr. Rare Dark Morph Ferruginous perched in the tree for showing up and allowing me to take its picture to share with all. He seemed to say, "You are welcome", turned his head and continued his vigilante watch over the field for his next meal.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this picture and hope you are able to see this rare-to-Louisiana Raptor if you have not.



New picture

How do you like his discerning look?

Check out his legs / talons!

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