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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Can you relate to the picture below?

Several distant geese are spotted on a cold winter day. One is recognized one as a Specklebelly. You grab your Speck call dangling from a lanyard on your neck, press it gently to your lips and let go with a high-pitched rattle. You know this trophy bird is wary and highly prized among all geese. The geese veer toward your decoys as you hoped. You hunker down in your blind peering through the Roseau cane clutching your shotgun without movement for fear of alarming the geese. Each flap of their wings brings them closer to your goose set. The sting of the bitter cold is no longer felt. Every nerve in your body is alive as the geese begin their downward descent. Their wings are back, their necks are outstretched and their landing gears are down. It's show time. Shoot em! You rise up, shoulder your shotgun and swing to the lead goose. The bead of your shotgun is on the Speck and your squeeze the trigger. You feel the recoil of the shotgun and don't even hear the sound of the shotgun as the Speck crumples and and plummets downward. Three shots fired and two geese on the ground. A great start for the day and a good supper tonight!

Hope you enjoy the narration / picture.



Snow Geese are good too! What do you think about the position of the feet for the Snow Goose on the right? :)

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