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Sunday, June 9, 2013


The effortless flight of these American Swallow-tailed Kites is impressive as they engage in their aerial ballet.


These agile Raptors are a picture of sheer grace and beauty as they float in the air with outstretched wings.

The buoyancy of this striking bird comes from weighing  approximately 15 ounces with a wingspan of about 51 inches

This remarkable Raptor is showcased by turning to its side and flaring its scissor-like tail. That is the BEST!  :)

Yeah, yeah, yeah they have itches that must be scratched as well.

Hopefully these extraordinary Raptors will have a successful year breeding and add their offspring to the existing population.

These are my best photos thus far of these magnificent birds. I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures and I hope you see some if you have not.

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