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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


My Son-in-Law was elated when he spotted two cheery, sky-blue Bluebirds bringing nesting material to the nest box in his yard. A few days later he opened the nest box door to check on their progress. Much to his dismay he a lifeless Bluebird was lying on the nest along with a blue egg. I suspect while the Bluebird was in the nest box an aggressive House Sparrow entered. There was no escape for the Bluebird whose sights were set on raising a little Bluebird family. The House Sparrow ended the Bluebird's life and the lives of the little Bluebird family to be.

A few days later two Mockingbirds completed their nest in a dense shrub in my Son-in-Law's yard and laid some eggs. The next day the eggs were on the ground. I'm not certain as to the culprit but the Mockingbird family was cut short as well.

It was a sad day in Mudville for these birds.


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