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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Migration Hopefuls This Spring

Neotropical songbirds are among the most beautiful birds in the world. What treasures will the 2012 migration bring this spring? This Easter Egg Hunt on steroids will soon be upon us with Golden Eggs everywhere. Birders are among the friendliest people I know and a delight to be around. They are eager to share with others pointing out birds thereby perpetuating their passion for birding. As the days grow warmer and the vegetation begins to green a sense of excitement is in the air anticipating their arrival.

The birds pictured below are not the only ones I wish to see this spring however it wouild be especially delightful to catch a glimpse of them.

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This Black-Whiskered Vireo was sitting in a tree calling at Peveto Bird Sanctuary my first year birding. I had no idea of its ID at the time but was ecstatic after examining its picture at home discovering what it was. Hopefully one will surface this spring but if not its memory lives on through its picture..

We were awestruck and dumbfounded one morning as we first stepped foot in Peveto. This brilliant colored male Western Tanager with his flaming red head flew by. What a great start for the day! Wouldn't it be nice if another showed up this spring?

There is something about a Canada Warbler you just never grow tired off. I haven't seen many but look forward to seeing them again.

A recluse Mourning Warbler hopped up from the bushes yielding a picture one day at Peveto. I've never seen one that much in the open. Hopefully another will be around soon.

A Lesser Nighthawk resting on a limb is always a sight to behold. This one was in the tree right in back of Dave's Pond at Peveto.

The Northern Parula is not a review list bird but it is one you just never grow tired of seeing.

The Swainson's Hawk is not a neotropical songbird but is one of my favorite hawks and I love seeing them. My favorite hawk is the Harris's Hawk. I've seen one at a distance a few years back sitting atop a utility pole on Highway 90 close to Rayne, LA. Hopefully a Harris's Hawk will surface one day and will be close enough for a picture this fall.

Best of luck this Sprng! :)

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