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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goldfinches Gone Wild

Where are the Goldfinches? They were everywhere in my back yard today in SW LA, Sulphur. There were approximately eighty American Goldfinches.

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A lot of American Goldfinches can crowd on a few limbs.

They were squabbling at the thistle sock feeder filled with year-old thistle..

They were sitting on top of the feeder.

They were sitting at the feeder. This is the 'Feeder Bully'. No other American Goldfinches would come near him.

They were feeding on the ground. Pictured is but a portion of the large group. It is hard to believe it or not there are twenty American Goldfinches in this little group.

They are indeed some pretty birds.

An Eastern Bluebird flew up to see what all the ruckous was about.

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