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Friday, November 11, 2011

Long-eared Owl / Tropical Parula

Hats off to Justin Bosler / Devin Bosler for two spectacular finds and to Cody Conway for relaying the message.

Robby Bacon and I headed south after receiving the message about the incredible Tropical Parula. We found out the Parula had not been relocated but surprise, surprise, surprise, a Long-eared Owl had been discovered! Upon arriving, Devin and Justin graciously pointed out the Long-eared Owl roosting in the middle of a dense acacia scrub only thirty feet away. We stood there admiring this super-rare, remarkable Owl fully realizing this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime Louisiana bird.

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Robby and I went hunting for the Tropical Parula that Devin and Justin found earlier in the day. We slowly made our way through the trees when much to our delight a  yellowish bird flew up and lit in a nearby tree. Sharp-eyed Robby exclaimed, "That's him!". The Tropical Parula hopped from limb to limb, tree to tree and flew away. The picture obtained was blurry but good enough for a positive ID for the bird.

It was a treat seeing these two, once-in-a-lifetime remarkable birds in Louisiana this afternoon. Great finds Devin and Justin and thanks for sharing!

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